Antje Berheide

Antje Berheide, Rome 2012
Photo: ©Jürgen Bauer

As a Sea Artist, I discover, collect and photograph beautiful things washed on to the shore by the sea: shells, stones, pieces of glass and oddities. I use them to form installations of soul landscapes, inviting the spectator to go on his or her own fantasy journey.

About Sea Art

Discovering beautiful things is my passion, and walking along the beach searching and collecting Sea Art is my way of meditation. I forget everything around me and feel nothing but happyness. At the same time, for me Sea Art is a symbol for the life as such: Life is like a beach, full of beautiful things that just need to be picked up. Every human being sees the world with different eyes and will choose different pieces that they perceive as most special for them. This is also what I expecience in the reactions of visitors that come to my exhibitions. Each individual would discover different highlights in my collections, but all of them feel a personal connection to the beauty of the sea, and I feel touched when people share with me their own stories.

When I am walking at the beach, people observe what I do and react on it. Children ask me what I do and want to see what I found. Adults “help me collect” and hand me what they have found themselves, often without a comment. Apparently, collecting Sea Art creates a connection, a different form of communication, especially in countries where I don’t speak the language (…well enough). In Italy, a fisherman gave me a sea horse and a starfish.

With my pictures and exhibitions, I want to make the beauty visible that is already there. I am just putting a frame around it. And I enjoy when it inspires people to share their stories with me: about the sea, about their vacations, journeys, their childhood or about friends and family members that share my passion.

I think that today, art is allowed to (and even should!) be beautiful. It becomes more and more important to highlight beauty than to critisize what is not good. We have enough of that around us every day. If we succeed to perceive and preserve the beauty in our environment and in the human beings, we can make our world a better place.


Antje Berheide, kontakt@antjeberheide.de, +49-175-9354820.

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